AddisWord on Sale Now! For a limited time ... AddisWord sale price dropped to $99 (Download version only). With AddisWord (Professional Edition), you can now send e-mail in Amharic to anyone that has a computer/Internet access and e-mail account. Unlike other packages, the recipients of your e-mail need not have AddisWord on their computer. All they need is to install the e-mail components on their Windows machine and then they will be able to read your Amharic e-mail as if they are reading Latin script. It is that simple with AddisWord! AddisWord is highly optimized for the only scripted African language and is capable of producing high quality newspapers. In addition, you can create Amharic (Geez) based web pages with a single button click. Order your copy now and continue communicating with your own language.

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Other Amharic software products

Stand-alone, built in processor. Does not require any third party software like Microsoft Word or Wordperfect

They require that you have third party software. Not cost effective to use for Amharic/Ethiopic.

Email enabled and does not require the recipient to have AddisWord

The recipient must have the software to read in Amharic

Built-in tables giving you spread-sheet like layout

Requires other third party tools to do tabular computation

Engine written for the Ethiopic language enabling future growth.

At the mercy of vendors for future growth

Costs only $99

If you add the cost to obtain the actual word processing package like MS Word, total cost will be astronomical just to write in Ethiopic.

Easily create Web pages in Ethiopic/Amharic. Built-in feature.

Need third party tool